Thursday, February 21, 2013

The first of many

Occasionally I feel like a writer. I love it. Defining the words on a page as they define me. But then I remember how small I am.
I've been writing for my entire life. We've had our ups and downs, pauses and new beginnings, not to sound cliché. But here I am an 'almost' college graduate not knowing what to do with any of my degrees. But poetry helps me breathe. So its time for another new beginning. I'll post some poems from the past, some in progress, some new, or whatever else I want. And even if no one is reading I'll be really just posting for me.

By the Sea

When the sun is masked by mist in Florence Italy
the lady bugs come to commit suicide by the sea.
They migrate away from the aphids
wanting to be in their own company.
Hoping the fish will save them
when a wing breaks, a leg breaks
maybe both, maybe all.
But the jellyfish sting the black spots
while the crayfish and the sunnies and the bass swallow them underneath,
only vomiting them up
when they jump out of the water
not wanting the wingless, the legless, the spotless
or anyone to breathe.

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