Friday, February 22, 2013

Thanks Frank

Today in my senior year seminar for my communication studies major we watched The Bride of Frankenstein. This class is all about gender rolls in horror movies. Well I was inspired by the black and white film, some of the dialog and the first scene of the film. This is a work in progress.

"I grew my creatures like nature does, with seed."

As the Mill Burns

The torches were grasped by forceful grips
as the men march off your tongue, burning the roof of your mouth.
You beg for them to surrender,
to cause no more harm to those innocent, even guilty.

But the words rolled off the tip too late,
for the men have already marched over your shoulders
down the ridges of your spine and off your toes.

They move toward the mill
that housed evil, their worse fear.
The flames touch the walls
and the once standing building unleashed hell.

"It was a matter of grave importance" he said.
Important enough for the men to lie in the graves
they dug for themselves with broken knuckles and chard nails,

There in the wreckage
bones and blackened hands
grip charred wooden beams, boards and blades
stripped of all their strength.

They lay dead with the men
waiting to sink down to the inferno,
with the torches still lit, lighting their way.

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