Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Burnt Beyond Repair

The flames flicker for awhile
growing only a little
until the embers grab hold 
of the battered lace curtains.

The wind picks up 
sending a light drizzle in through the open window.
The fire panics,
spreading chaotically 
as it runs from the rain

But with the next breeze
the blaze is fueled,
strong, angry, vengeful, 
swallowing my soul
turning it to ash.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Don't Toy with Me

Dear Mr. Can You See Me,
I beg you 
please treat me 
like I am your old rag doll 
missing her left eye. 

Let me be the conductor 
of your old wooden train set,
I promise not to stray 
to far off the tracks. 

Dear Mr. Can You See Me,
Don't you trust me? 
to drive 
the barrel of monkeys and forgotten teddy to safety? 

I trusted you 
but you left me on the highest shelf 
gathering dust,
because your love strayed 
and I am not pretty enough. 

The Nude Zoo

I want to touch you. 
Graze your naked porcelain skin,
with my rough hands. 
But that's against the rules, playing with the prey. 

I want to trace your protruding bones 
and feed you scraps of meat. 
Yet the child in your eyes 
is begging to be put down. 

But I am only then zookeeper,
not the hunter. 
Watching over you
until the monster emerges 
with chew toys and chains,
guilty pleasures dripping from his jaw.