Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh Tinsley...

Last september I met the new love of my life. My crazy, fifty-pound, pitbull/boxer, Tinsley. However since she came from a shelter and a life without love, she is so happy to feel love and be around people that she sometimes forgets her manners. But I love her anyway.
Here's and old one edited a bit. Enjoy.


It rained.
The uncut grass is knee high now.
Within the field, I lose her for awhile.
I watch her tracks as she explores
the slender green blades that wave back.

She leaves a trail as I follow far behind.
The weeds sway as she passes,
innocent worms stamped into the damp ground.

A chance to explore on her own,
to feel free in the wind.
A chance to make friends with the grass, the weeds, the worms.
But she is my friend too, so
when I put my fingers between my teeth,
she'll always come running back.


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