Friday, March 1, 2013

Nature, my best friend.

I wrote this poem awhile ago but I still love it. I have a serious attachment to nature. I love being outside with my shoes off, feet in some cold water. The sunshine is my best friend. That's why I love this piece.

Too Far Lost

Barefoot in a shallow creek,
watching minnows swim up from under
when my toes turn over the rough gravel and smooth stones.
As I look down into the clear pool,
An old friend stares back.

Not usually getting the chance to see the cracked skin around my eyes,
the worry lines,
in a burning light as radiant as it is now,
seeing it break out of a barrier of clouds.
I only see them often displayed in old faded colors,
with blurred lines surrounding their shape.

Now, looking at the clear image below,
my tired eyes reveal the sadness of a lost soul
waiting to sail out to sea,
a crooked smile knows it’s too late to ever become whole.


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